T    E    A    C    H    I    N    G    ,    S    P    E    A    K    I    N    G    ,

C    O    N    S    U    L    T    A    N    C    I    E    S

Okka collaborates with a variety of institutions and has developed workshops, trainings, lectures, curricula and institutional analyses in the realms of innovative arts education, disability activism, inclusive and accessible arts activism, youth development, women’s and sexual rights, urban art, interdisciplinary art (i.e. poetry performance and urban intervention), spoken word, and creative writing. In addition, she's made extensive public appearances to advocate on these subjects in the media, nationally and internationally (see PRESS).


She’s also guest lectured on these topics at institutions from the University of Michigan to IIT Madras, as well as making dozens of public speaking appearances internationally, with titles including “Messing with Normal: Disability, Art, and Activism”, “What Is Normal? Public Art for Disability Rights”, "Let Me Tell You Something: Art and Life Out Loud" (for the Body Narratives, London) and “Disability and the Street Art Connection”. Conference papers include “How To Feel A Screen: Telematics, Stratification, and Possibility in Poetic Performance and Disability” (IFTR 2014, U. of Warwick) and “Flightpath to Inclusion: The Way Forward for Australia-Asia Arts and Disability Collaborations” (Accessible Arts, Sydney, 2012). One of the most enjoyable parts of engaging with the public is being able to include a performance component and audience participation, such as in two TEDx talks in Jakarta and Chennai: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTtSVu4htbQ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zqEmHR_0a4.


Okka works on think/do advocacy projects in person and remotely. For further queries, please contact kbarokka [at] gmail [dot] com.


For information on art and poetry performances, see PROJECTS and PRESS.